Hello, I am Paul Cupka. I am the Owner, President, and Chief Executive Officer of No Limits Construction, Inc. After completing both of my enlistments in the United States Army, I went to work with my 70 year-old uncle, who had been a General Contractor his whole life.  When I told him that I wanted to make construction my career, he offered this sage advice, “Honor. Dignity. Respect. Don’t forget those words and their meaning, son, and you will never go wrong”. I started No Limits Construction, Inc. in the spring of 2002 and I have been a hands-on Contractor since then, building new construction, renovations, and restorations. I take great pride in our work, and in our team. I have found it incredibly rewarding to watch our company grow and thrive because of our strong work ethic and our concern for the customer.

Away from work, I enjoy spending time with my family. We enjoy finding new challenges and exploring all that we can possibly fit in….from the ocean to the mountains. When my family gives me some “Dad” time, the script does not change much. I love the outdoors and nature, trail running, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, paddle boarding and so on. I want to try everything at least once in my time on earth!

At the end of every day I am grateful for this life. I realize I am absolutely blessed to have such a strong support system both personally and professionally. I can honestly count on one hand how many times, in almost 15 years, that I “haven’t wanted to go to work” (most of those being the last day of a vacation). I have a passion for this company and the folks that have made it what it is today.